• By Claudia Sorcini

As we speak in Portuguese: “Who has mouth, goes to Rome”. You may have heard this saying out there and the Eternal City is among the preferences of those who know Italy. But did you know that the boot-shaped country goes far beyond its capital? There are hidden corners full of beauty, as is the case of Spoleto.

Very close to the city of Colosseum, there in the region of Umbria, this small commune is charming and attracts tourists from all over the world. To enjoy the attractions in an authentic way, it’s best to set up your travel itinerary with the help of a local guide. For the best experience in Portuguese, you can count on Claudia Sorcini, our iFriend in Spoleto.

But what is so interesting about this area of Italy? Come discover Spoleto’s charm and know what to enjoy!

Green and medieval blend in Spoleto

Our iFriend is categorical in calling Spoleto the “green heart of Italy”. The title lives up to what you’ll see – believe me! After all, the commune is set around the Appennini Mountains and features a rustic look full of charm.

Being in a higher area is even more interesting as you get an incredible view of the relief and the surrounding small towns.

As you walk through the cobblestone streets, prepare to be impressed by the almost untouched medieval touch. It will be your chance to see buildings that have survived time and even Roman ruins. From churches and old houses to aqueducts and bridges, there are strongholds of history everywhere!

The restaurants and parks allow you to enjoy as a local

Apart from the buildings and famous landmarks, there is nothing better than experiencing the city as a local Umbria resident – even for just a few hours or days. The trick is to know the right restaurants and gelaterias! You will pay lower prices and still enjoy the true taste of the Italian countryside.

Parks increase contact with nature and create a wonderful mix in the Italian commune. So you can make the most of the pleasant weather and take a few minutes to better understand what life is like in the place.

This is a good opportunity to escape the boring lines of tourists or even not simply get caught up in what everyone does or knows. This will make your experience even better.

The Importance of Having an iFriend in Spoleto

Although very close to Rome, Spoleto doesn’t have the same structure as a big city. If you don’t speak Italian so well, it can be difficult to be well understood by traditional residents.

Also, exploring the sights is not just about taking pictures in the center of the commune. It’s worth knowing the local food, sounds and colors – so nothing better than having the help of an iFriend.

You will be supported by a local guide who speaks Portuguese and with whom you share various interests. The tours will be full of adventure, discoveries and a lot of interesting chat!

Spoleto is a charming and historic destination in Italy that has everything to win your heart. With an iFriend in Spoleto, you’ll have the proper support of a Portuguese-speaking guide to make sightseeing even better.

To not let this chance pass, contact us at iFriend and find your local guide!

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