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Neighboring Uruguay is a country with great meat, wine and cheese, but also full of beauty. The capital Montevideo is more than the administrative center of the country, as it also brings together some of the most important activities and sights.

If you want to make the most of your visit to the Herman country, iFriend in Montevideo Nicolás Carlomagno can help you. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, offers great recommendations for your travel itinerary.

Check out some of the good attractions in Montevideo and the surrounding area suggested by our local guide!

The capital known in detail

As it is full of history, the Uruguayan capital already calls for a separate activity. Unraveling your main points is exactly one of the suggestions of iFriend in Montevideo.

After a full lap on the main stretches, be sure to enjoy some time in the parks to enjoy the outdoors. In the squares and in the old part of the capital, it’s worth keeping an eye on the monuments and historical items, full of beauty and meaning.

After knowing so much about the capital, it’s time to starve, isn’t it? For this reason, sightseeing in Montevideo also includes typical restaurants. But instead of just being in the most famous ones, you can bet on Uruguayan-style establishments, with plenty of authenticity.

With a few hours available after your arrival, you will have a good view of the capital and even know what you want to visit in later days. What about?

The rides out of the Montevideo route

Although the capital is a very important place, it isn’t the only place to visit. By thinking about what to do in the country, it’s actually possible to explore various possibilities. And with the help of iFriend in Montevideo, everything is easier!

The capital can serve as a starting point for places like Colonia del Sacramento, Atlantic, Punta del Este, Rocha and more. At these destinations, there are many options that you will not find on any agency tour.

If you want to explore the country in depth, you can go to the interior of Uruguay. This experience tourism includes landscapes with hills and rivers, old cities and even the regions bordering the Brazilian side.

This is the perfect opportunity for those seeking authenticity and unique memories of the trip to the country. Instead of just getting involved with crowded and familiar attractions, you can discover the soul of the region in a new way.

The Importance of Having an iFriend in Montevideo

As much as the Uruguayan capital provides many activities, not all will have to do with you, right? Also, not everything that could come into your travel itinerary is easy to find. After all, there are things that only locals know well.

This is why an iFriend in Montevideo is so important. In addition to giving you valuable travel tips, it’s essential to plan tours tailored to your profile. Depending on your tastes, interests and even the time available, you can set up a custom plan. Want a better way to know the region? 😉

Montevideo has beauties, historical and modern attractions and great restaurants. With iFriend in Montevideo, it will be easy to set up a unique travel itinerary, packed with surprises and special sightseeing tours.

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