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Poland, especially in Krakow, was once a major venue for major international disputes, as occurred in World War II. Once the conflicts are over, it has become a great destination for those who want to explore Europe in a very unique way, unlike in the countries most popular with travelers. And for everything to go as expected, nothing better than having an iFriend in Krakow, right?

Student Everaldo Batista Penczkoski is one of the local guides who is always prepared to show you what the city and its surroundings are all about. Setting up a travel itinerary has never been easier!

To get to know this part of Poland better, check out some attractions to visit and enjoy with an iFriend in Krakow by your side.

The cultural proposal is the great charm of the city.

History and tradition are present in almost every corner of this area of Poland. Right in the center of the city, you can enjoy the main square, which is surrounded by buildings of typical architecture of this region of Europe.

Just walk a little farther to find small fairs of local merchants on the side streets. At the end of the year, near Christmas, the Christmas market delights with its lights and typical foods.

This already shows that Krakow has a great cultural appeal and attachment to its roots. But did you know that it’s possible to attend various events linked to Polish art and culture? After all, the town is known as the City of Literature by UNESCO and hosts various cultural events throughout the year.

In the national museums and the ethnographic museum, you will still discover the history of kings, princes and even a dragon. Charming, Krakow will never leave your mind!

Krakow serves as a base for visiting the rest of Poland

Besides having amazing attractions, this destination has easy access to other points of interest in Poland. With the help of an iFriend in Krakow, you will be able to explore the country in a unique and uncomplicated way.

One of the best known and most visited points is less than 2 hours from the city center. The Auschwitz concentration camps, are open for tourists and those wishing to learn more about this part of history.

In the Metropolitan Region you will be able to visit the charming Wieliczka. It has the Salt Mines, also known as Krakow Walls. The area is centuries old, full of interesting stories and has a beautiful visual appeal.

If your interest is in natural beauty, the trip to Zakopane is one of the most promising proposals. You will be able to see the beautiful Trea mountains and face the charms of southern Poland.

AThe company of an iFriend in Krakow makes everything better

Undoubtedly, the country is really charming. But taking a trip to Polish lands requires a lot of planning! In addition, Krakow is one of the oldest Polish cities and has many attractions. So, the ideal is to have a little extra help in search of the perfect and most cost-effective experience.

With an iFriend in Krakow, you will have a local guide who speaks Portuguese and brings knowledge about the most varied sightseeing tours. In addition to getting the best suggestions, you’ll have all the help you need!

Philosophy student Everaldo lives in Krakow and is one of the good options for those looking for an unforgettable trip. To understand the importance of this company, it’s worth checking one of its indications:

“No words to thank Everaldo! Super professional and knowledgeable of everything that involves Krakow. Relentless about customer peace of mind and solving any problems that may arise. ”

Have you ever thought of making your trip so amazing this way?

The city of Krakow is very cultural, full of beauty and close to many other wonderful places in Poland. To make your visit unforgettable, count on an iFriend in Krakow and enjoy the advantages of having a local guide!

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