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The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is known for its typical landscape and freedom around every corner. Despite being an important city, it is quiet and offers great sightseeing. When it comes time to build your travel itinerary, the ideal is to have great directions to not waste time and money for nothing, right?

iFriend in Amsterdam, Lara Chehade can help at this time. Carioca and passionate about travel, the local guide knows how to explore the best of the city. She is fluent in Portuguese and English and has interests for all tastes.

How about knowing a little bit of Amsterdam and having excellent recommendations from those who know the most about the place? Check it out below!

The capital of bicycles to the canals 

Multicultural, this Dutch city has its own characteristics. The cars were replaced by bicycles; and you can ride everywhere! Rain or shine, this will be the best means of transportation. This fits in with the tourism experience, and is certainly a great way to enjoy the trip by immersing yourself in the city.

Alongside many roads and under the centuries-old bridges, canals run with perfect geometry. In some places, even the boat trip is the only way to get around.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re on a boat or in one of the waterfront bars and restaurants. The key is to enjoy the scenery and make incredible records. In this, your iFriend in Amsterdam can also help and ensure the best clicks.

To enjoy the charming buildings, it is worth even thinking about shopping. From typical fairs to internationally known shops, you will have a chance to explore the most typical there. An inclusive shopping itinerary can consider all your preferences and needs – all to get to the right place at the best time.

The Amsterdam gastronomic Tour

Like almost every European capital, Amsterdam boasts dozens of wonderful restaurants and patisseries right in its center. Most tourists stay there, resulting in long lines and an experience that is not always so good …

One of iFriend’s travel tips in Amsterdam is to look for less trendy – and more delicious!

With the help of your local Brazilian guide, you will find typical restaurants, full of charm and good food. No crowds at the door, quirky food and great service allow you to make a complete and memorable food tour.

The Importance of Having an iFriend in Amsterdam

To enjoy the experience in the capital, it’s best to have tips you don’t find anywhere. So getting help from your iFriend in Amsterdam will make a difference.

Lara has even received many compliments about her performance. One of the recommendations spared no qualities. Check out:

“Lara is a very high quality professional. It is attentive, discreet, proactive, intelligent… the result could not be more rewarding. We were very lucky to have her as a guide. Walking with Lara around Amsterdam was an unforgettable experience. She is excellent, has good taste and enjoys good cuisine, took us to very interesting places. Highly recommend, my rating is 5 stars! She is so much more than a guide, she is a great company!”.

Amsterdam is a city with personality and you need to think about this when creating your tourist itinerary. With iFriend tips in Amsterdam, you will have the best experience in this capital city full of details and beauty.

To make your trip unforgettable, contact us and learn what to do!

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