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What is the iFriend?

It is a global platform that enables connection between tourists and locals from several cities around the world. Local citizens who love to share what’s best in their cities, known as “iFriends”.

Who are the iFriends ?

The iFriends are local citizens, of legal age, college students in the majority, who love to know new people and share part of their culture, their habits and everything that’s best in their city.

Do iFriends speak English? 

Most of  iFriends are college students and communicate well in English, however, that’s not a rule. Therefore, whem booking a reservation choose iFriends who speak the language you’d like to speak.

How do I choose the most appropriate iFriend for my profile?

When selecting the cities you wish to travel, iFriends will show up. Choose the ones who speak your language and share the same interests. Always read their personal presentation and comments. That will help you with you choice.

How can I book a reservation with an iFriend? 

It’s very simple. After selecting the city you intend to visit, iFriends will show up, so provide the date and schedule of the tour and send her/him your reservation with a brief comment on what you plan to do in the city. Your iFriend has up to 8 hours to confirm your reservation. As soon as she/he confirms your request, you can conclude the reservation. you will receive your iFriend’s contact personal data, so that you arrange to meet. If you wish, reeserve up to three iFriends at the same time and choose the first one to confirm.

Can I have my iFriend’s indications? 

Yes. By the end of each tour, the visitor will receive a link by email to evaluate her/his experience. Read these comments, they will help you when choosing your iFriend.

How do I get in touch with my iFriend?

After receiving your booking confirmation, you will receive your iFriend’s phone number, email, Whatsapp and Skype.  If you still have difficulty contacting us, please let us know by e-mail:

How do I meet my iFriend?

We suggest you arrange to meet in the hotel’s reception or wherever you are hosted, or at any other public place with a convenient access, such as, commercial areas, subway stations, tourist attraction and squares.

Does the iFriend issue any receipt? 

Yes, we will send a service payment receipt to your email.

Can I cancel after booking?

The Visitor has until 72 hours before the scheduled date of the reservation to request the cancellation of the service and receive 100% of the amount paid. The iFriend Platform will discount the PayPal fee (website payment method). After the 72 hour deadline, the reserve (25%) and service (5%) will not be returned to the user and will be retained on the platform to cover any operating expenses.

Cancellation should be made through the email

Can I book a reservation on the same day of the tour?

Yes. In this case we recommend that you send your booking to more than one iFriend, and book with the one who accepts it first. Then you just have to perform final confirmation. Same day requests will have 3 hours to be confirmed.

Is there a group discount?

There is no additional charge if the group includes 2 adults, and children up to twelve years have the service for free. If there are more than two adults, only 30% for each additional visitor will be charged. Children will be under responsibility of their legal guardians.

Do I have to pay for my iFriend’s food and transportation?

The journey to the meeting place is an iFriend’s responsibility; the expenses during the tour are visitor’s responsibility. We believe it is possible to live an extraordinary local experience without spending too much money. Ask you iFriend about cheaper ways of moving and eating through the town.

Is there a person responsible for emergency support in case of emergency during the tour?

Yes. In each region where the service is offered there is a responsible leader called iFriend Master.They take care of the selection and training of new iFriends, besides helping in case there is any problem during the tour.

How long does the tour take?

The minimum time is 4 hours, and it may be extended every hour, until the limit of 10 hours. The tour may be performed in the morning, in the afternoon or at night.

Is the any iFriend identity verification?

Yes, we verify iFriends identification via Facebook, phone number and email.

How does the payment system work?

After the iFriend confirms the reservation, you may also confirm the final booking by paying via the App or via credit card.

How does pricing work? 

We charge a price between $ 8 and $ 16 per tour hour. The value is charged at the moment of reservation and the iFriend will receive the payment one day after the tour. If there is visitor’s complaint, the value will be withheld until the end of dispute. 75% of the value will be reposted to the iFriend and 25% is the platform administration rate, according to iFriend Terms.

What is the administration rate used for?

It is used for maintenance and expansion of the site and App, as well as other promotional campaign and merchandising  expenses across all the different countries in which we operate.

Can I be an iFriend?

Yes! If you are of legal age (18 or more), if you have moving conditions through the town and if you live in a place where our service work. Sign in through the link: After your data analisys yor profile will be posted and it will conect you to thousands of tourist across the world.

Why is it nice to become an iFriend?

Being an iFriend is a great opportunity to make friends across the world and the best way to practice the language sponken in those countries. Besides, of course, it allows you to improve your income sharing wht’s best in your city. .

Why is it nice to use the iFriend? 

The iFriend will allow you to get to know the city visited through the local citizen’s eyes. With the companion of a iFriend, you will optimize your time enjoying what’s best to be visited, especially unique places that only locals know. Besides that you will be supporting several communities across the world, especially college students.