• By Marianna Sa

This type of trip can be summed up in one word: practicality.

Making a backpack trip is sure to live a unique experience, full of adventure and with great memories. The bags give way to the backpack that carries a little of everything, and all decisions are out of the ordinary.

This is the perfect time to forget about that 5-star trip and include more than one destination in your itinerary. After all, it’s done alone, with friends or with travelers you meet between cities.

But, how to prepare yourself in the right way for a backpack trip? See our tips for getting on the road!

Build a good itinerary

It’s not because it’s a backapck trip that can happen unplanned, right? It takes planning and organization, which requires creating a good roadmap. So, it’s time to open the map – physical or virtual – and choose where to go.

Prefer cheap and off-peak destinations, as one of the goals is to save money. Think of places with cheap tickets that don’t have such a high cost of living.

You still can – and should! – create a road map for several cities. The trick is to choose cities or even nearby countries that don’t need to travel by plane. In Europe, for example, it’s possible to visit some countries just by train.

Get Cheap Hosting Right

Backpacking is also famous for including cheap, but quality accommodation. In this experience, the 5-star hotel gives way to a hostel or even a rented room in a residence, for example.

Look for good deals and think that most of the time, the place is just for you to stay overnight. So you don’t need to have so much structure and have more money to spend at other times.

But be careful: choose only reliable and well-appointed locations. So you avoid headaches and problems, ok? 😉

Get help from local guides

Those who travel in this style, in general, want to have a unique experience that totally escapes the idea of just touring. Is that your case? Because relying on tips from local guides makes all the difference!

With the help of these professionals, you will be able to discover authentic sightseeing tours and live what each city has to offer. More than just knowing the locals, your backpack will serve to explore the culture in a unique way.

The best? You still have the chance to make a new friend and enjoy the place like who lives there!

Think about which items are worth taking

Since bags are missing from this trip, you should wear a large capacity backpack with a lot of safety. Remember that it will carry everything you need, so it’s better to invest in something of quality.

When preparing for the start of the trip, separate only what you will actually use. Prefer basic clothing and matching outfits, for example. Leave the unimportant things at home so as not to carry weight for nothing.

Oh, don’t forget the essentials that are relevant even to your safety. Passport, documents and money at the local currency exchange should be well guarded to avoid any tightening.

Preparing a backpacking trip requires organization and making the right choices. By following these tips, you have a chance to live a unique experience that will transform your vision of the travel world!

And since this care is so important, find out how to plan your trip the right way.