• By Marianna Sa

For those who enjoy a holiday, 2020 comes with everything! Learn more and program yourself.

2019 was not so generous when it came to a holiday. Many national commemorative dates fell on weekends and prevented the famous amendment. But the good news is that 2020 will bring several good opportunities for rest and, of course, travel. By joining the holidays with the weekends, you can stretch the tour and get to know even more of the scheduled destination.

It all takes a lot of planning, right? So, it’s worth figuring out how to plan for the 2020 holidays right away!

Keep an eye on the calendar

The first step is to understand what dates are available throughout the year and record which ones you can enjoy. National holidays take place almost every month; and almost all will fall during weekdays. Check it out:

  • New Year: January 1st – Wednesday;
  • Carnival: February 25th – Tuesday;
  • Good Friday: April 10 – Friday;
  • Easter: April 12th – Sunday;
  • Tiradentes: April 21 – Tuesday;
  • Labor Day: May 1st – Friday;
  • Corpus Christi: June 11 – Thursday;
  • Independence of Brazil: September 7 – Monday;
  • Day of Our Lady Aparecida: October 12 – Monday;
  • Finals: November 2 – Tuesday;
  • Proclamation of the Republic: November 15 – Sunday; and
  • Christmas: December 25th – Friday.

This means that we have 10 brazilian holidays that can be amended to ensure extra rest. Also, be sure to check out the state and local dates, which will eventually extend some of those periods so conducive to travel, relaxation and other places.

Start planning your 2020 holiday trips

To get away from the high ticket and lodging prices, it’s essential to anticipate. The sooner you decide everything, the cheaper the package comes out. There is also a chance to save money and ensure a smooth ride.

Already start researching prices and keep an eye on promotions. If something is cool and within your budget, consider making your reservation now.

If your itinerary includes tours that require tickets, be sure to purchase tickets in advance. This way you don’t risk being at ease when the date comes.

Get help from local guides

To make your planning for the 2020 holidays perfect, it’s also nice to have tips from who lives in each destination. Our iFriends, the local guides, will be able to indicate the best attractions and activities to make your trip unforgettable.

Also, don’t forget that a lot of people take extended work breaks to travel. This increases the flow of people in those most famous attractions and can disrupt those seeking peace.

So it is worth having the support of iFriends. They will be able to give you unmissable tips on what to do and how to enjoy the city on these dates. Whether it’s on the beach or in the snow, you’re sure to have an amazing experience!

The 2020 holidays come full force and are great for those who want to travel more. Include these tips for better planning and make the most of it!

Since good organization is so necessary, find out how to set up your travel planning and follow our tips on Instagram!