• By Marianna Sa

Before visiting Uncle Sam’s land, you need to know how to be approved for a US visa. 🗽

From Statue of Liberty to Disney parks, the United States has a lot to offer for Brazilian tourists. But, before you buy your ticket and set up a travel itinerary, it’s worth knowing how to apply for a US visa.

The requirement is high and you have to be all set for the trip to go smoothly – otherwise, nothing done. The good news is that preparing properly will make it much easier to get your authorization.

Don’t let your trip just be in the plans! Understand how to apply for a US visa and secure your trip.

Choose the right visa type for you

To get started right, you must know which visa you want to take to follow the right steps throughout the process. There are many ways to live and work, but if your idea is to spend only a few days there, the visitor version is ok.

The most common type is the B-2 visa, which is valid for 10 years, but will only be able to stay in the country for a maximum of 3 to 6 months. Oh, isn’t it allowed to work, either!

Fill the form

Now that you know which type to choose, let’s start with the visa application process for the United States. Visit the US Department’s website and complete the DS-160 form.

All fields are in English, but bring a translation if you have questions. Be very careful not to miss any information. The conference is heavy, and any mistake can take the process back to the beginning.

Don’t be surprised if you have to add information from social networks. This is a new security requirement and the more data you offer the better.

Pay the fee and schedule visits

Did you fill all the form? Great! To continue, it’s time to pay the fee, which requires another registration. The value is usually $160.00 (one hundred and sixty dollars), but this may vary.

After paying for the guide, schedule a visit to the Visa Application Center (CASV) near you. Only then is there the interview at the nearest consulate.

This step causes a chill in the belly, but just keep calm. At this meeting, you will answer some questions and confirm your intention to take a walk and see the attractions of the United States. With the confirmation of the information, you will receive the green light!

Take care of all documentation

To have a visa accepted, you need to keep an eye on the required documentation. You will have to present a photo in the standards, in addition to having a valid passport and no problem.

It’s also important to bring proof of residence and bond here in Brazil, as well as proof that you have the necessary money for the trip. The answer comes out in a few days, and then just arrange which sightseeing to do.

Getting a visa to the United States isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With our tips, you will go through the process with peace of mind and make your trip a success!

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