The Importance Of A Local Guide For Your Travel

What to do on a trip is always a question for anyone choosing a destination to enjoy. Whatever the reason for the trip, planning is always a longer step. Where to start is always the hardest, as there are endless travel tips and itineraries.

Tours almost always focus on traditional places, not to mention worrying that no setbacks will happen. We already talked on our blog about the tendency to follow the tips of a local resident. And that’s what iFriend offers travelers. When you arrive at a destination, you can connect with a local guide who will accompany you on the tours.

So, the big difference is that when it comes to your mind “what to do in such a place”, you will have a person in love with the city. where you live, guiding you. Also, it will be according to your tastes and affinities, so you can explore the place in the best way, yours. And all this in the company of a friend.

In March of this year, Quézia traveled to France, and she thought, “What to do in Paris? ”, And immediately connected with the platform and chose our iFriend Kátia to live this experience. The trip was surprising, “Paris seen by the eyes of a Brazilian in love with the light city. Thank you Katia for sharing places, looks, tastes, sounds and moments that only those who live in Paris could know. Amazing experience, not to mention it was one of my best late days in Paris. iFriend no longer travel without you, ”said Quézia after the tours.

No more brainstorming to think about what to do in a given place. Connect to an iFriend and enjoy your trip. Login to the website or social networks and choose who will guide you and help transform your trip