• By Ana Luisa

When we travel the expectation is that everything goes as expected and we can take advantage of everything that the destination has to offer us. But unfortunately, it does not always happen that way. Tourists are often the target of traps and in order to avoid them they seek out numerous information on the Internet; travel planning, search for destination, lower prices, where to stay and what to do. Even so, often, it is not guaranteed that we will not go through some punctured. That’s why it’s so important to get a lot of information to have the right information.


One great practice that is on the rise in Brazil is to follow the advice of a local resident. A survey conducted by Booking.com pointed out that 45% of Brazilians seek suggestions from local residents in order to avoid any trap. According to the study, 48% accepted the recommendation and 22% of respondents said they had found an out-of-the-ordinary tour when they followed a native’s tip that made all the difference in the trip.


These data show how tourists’ behavior is impacted by the contemporary context of society. We are currently in the age of dialogue, where consumers produce and share information according to their own experiences. So having tips and being guided by a local resident has become a trend.


Sites that offer this type of service appear as intermediaries between tourists and residents and enable new perceptions of the destination, something that when realizing a traditional itinerary the tou